Research on Overall Design of VTOL UAV

Reshma R.


A VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is an aircraft that flies without a human crew on board of the aircraft. It uses microprocessors and microsensors to navigate and track targets. The design mainly comprises of two sections (i) the mechanical design and (ii) electronic design. This paper describes the onboard processing technique commonly used in UAV. The next-generation UAVs like the micro-UAV play a vital role in swarm operation based application. Apart from this, UAVs play significant role in many commercial as well as military areas.

Keywords: VTOL UAV, unmanned aerial vehicle, microprocessor, microcontroller


Cite this article:Reshma R. Research on Overall Design of VTOL UAV. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Embedded System & Applications (RRJoESA). 2015; 3 (1):p1-5


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