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Smart Antenna System: An Overview

R. G. Magar, A.G. Gaikwad, S.S. Sonone


An antenna in a telecommunications system is the device through which radio frequency (RF) energy is coupled from the transmitter to the free space in the transmission mode and from free space to the receiver in the receiving mode. Smart antenna system is the one of the most rapidly developing technologies mostly used in mobile communication and provides the faster bit rate, multi-use interference, space division multiplexing (SDMA), increase in range, multi-path mitigation, and reduction of errors due to multi path fading.

Cite this ArticleMagar RG, Gaikwad AG, Sonone SS.Smart Antenna System: An Overview.Research & Reviews: A Journal ofEmbedded System & Applications. 2017;5(2): 19–22p.


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