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A Technique for Haze Removal Using Contrast Variation and DCP

Manish ., Radhakrishan ., Ekta Chauhan


Image enhancement approach is one of the extensively used approaches for image quality enhancement through enhancing the image’s visibility. In this paper, an underwater image for enhancing the underwater image quality has been done and there a simple technique used for haze removal with the help of DCP. In this paper, we have shown two flow diagrams, one is used for base methodology and another for the proposed methodology. In the base methodology, it is done by using preprocessing, transmission of dark channel, denoising the image and lastly calculating PSNR and entropy. In the proposed methodology, it is done by using contrast variation using dark channel, dark channel estimation, haze removal and lastly calculating PSNR and entropy.

Cite this Article. Manish, Radhakrishan, Ekta Chauhan. ATechnique for Haze Removal UsingContrast Variation and DCP. Research& Reviews: A Journal of EmbeddedSystem & Applications. 2017; 5(2):23–28p.

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