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Hardware Implementation of a Multistage Low Pass Sigma Delta Modulator

Kamel Alikhan Siddiqui, Ahtesham Ali


The overall objective of this paper is to describe the design, simulation and observation of the hardware implementation of a multi stage low-pass sigma delta modulator on FPGA architecture using modelsim. The objective of this paper is shown first by describing a low-pass multistage for D/A sigma delta modulator. The next step involves a detailed evaluation of various accumulator based MASH structures which is then modeled in MATLAB and SIMULINK with the measurement of their characteristics and their non-idealties such as SNR ratio and PSD were calculated. The final part of the report is carefully evaluated and compared with the digital design; the selected prototype is a cascaded stage- 1-1 MASH (multi stage noise shaping structure) under FPGA. The major application of sigma delta modulators is found to be in N-PLL frequency synthesizers, using error feed back topology sigma delta modulator, which eliminates the limit cycles oscillations and tones, the designing of such an accumulator in FPGA can be a common use in the mentioned applications.

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Kamel Alikhan Siddiqui, Ahtesham Ali. Hardware implementation of a multistage low pass sigma delta modulator. Journal of Embedded Systems and Applications. 2015; 3(3): 13–21p.

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