Vol 4, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Comparative Study of Seismic Performance of Multistory Symmetrical RC Frame Structure with and Without Dampers PDF
Rahil Yousuf Mir, Dr. S. A. Bhalchandra 1-5
Analytical Study on Optimum Placement and Sizing of X-Plate Metallic Dampers for Seismic Response Control of Multistoried RC Building Frame PDF
Tatya D. Vavhule, R.S. Londhe 6-12
Comparative Study on Damper and Shear Wall in Earthquake Analysis for Multi-storey Structure PDF
S. S. Pathan, D. N. Kakade, A. P. Wadekar 13-21
Seismic Response of Multistoreyed Building for Different Stiffness Conditions PDF
Harish Sharma, Atul Shishodia, Nitin Kumar, Gaurav Kumar, Sachin Bhati, Muzaffar Ahmad Mir, Tariq Naseem 22-26
Experimental Investigation on Ferrocement Slab Using Steel Fibres and Different Sands PDF
Preveen R., Bibha Mahto 27-30
Advanced Modeling and Static Analysis of Inverted Umbrella Roof Shell Using ANSYS PDF
S. S. Kadam, G. R. Gandhe, D. H. Tupe 31-35
Analysis of Tall Structures for Different Stiffness Ratios of Columns to Shear Walls and Column Shortening PDF
Ravindra R, Jagadish B Reddy, Charitha Rajashekar 36-43
Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Concrete Replacing of Steel Slag as Coarse Aggregate PDF
M. Rajkannan, M. Arivoli, R. Malathy 44-49
Economical Design of Stiffened Plate using FEM PDF
Amit Kumar Gorai, P. Pal 50-57
Study of Influence of Corrosion and Cracking on Bond Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Member PDF
Ajit Nivrutti Patil, B. G. Birajdar, H. K. Erande 58-67

ISSN: 2393-8773