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Effect of Different Fibers on Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene

Srikaanth GV, Sanketh Yeli


Composites have created a niche in today’s world market. Polypropylene is the second largely used plastic in the world. Polypropylene in its pure form cannot be used in many applications. Reinforcements are made into the pure polypropylene in order to enhance its mechanical properties. In the present paper, a review has been made on the recent advances for the various reinforcements being made into the polypropylene. The effect of fiber length and different fibers such as carbon, natural fibers and the effect of fillers such as carbon nanotubes have been discussed in the present paper.

Cite this ArticleSrikaanth GV, Sanketh Yeli. Effect ofdifferent fibers on mechanical propertiesof Polypropylene. Journal of Polymer &Composites. 2017; 5(2): 50–56p.

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