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ONU Placement and Restoration using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Fiber Wireless Network

Uma Rathore Bhatt, Raksha Upadhyay, Aakash Chhabra


Fusion of optical domain and wireless domain makes a new promising technology called as Fiber Wireless (FiWi) access network, which actually integrates the features of both in it. FiWi consists of passive optical network (PON) as optical backend which serves high bandwidth, high data rates etc. and wireless mesh network (WMN) as wireless frontend which provides the self-healing nature, high mobility and low cost. Various optimizing schemes for Optical Network Unit (ONU) placement, survivability, routing etc. has already been implanted for number of ONUs required, cost of system, energy requirement, power requirement, throughput improvement etc. The research work aims to implement the well-known optimizing algorithm, i.e., ant colony optimization algorithm (ACO) in fiber wireless (FiWi) access network for ONU placement and survivability. The proposed solution allows to optimize the number ONUs, which ultimately results in cost minimization, and to restore the wireless front end in case of failures.


Keywords: Fiber Wireless (FiWi), Optical Network Unit (ONU) placement, Survivability, Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm (ACO)



Fiber Wireless (FiWi); Optical Network Unit (ONU) placement;Survivability;Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm (ACO)

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