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Evaluations with RZ/NRZ Optical-CDMA Link

Devendra Kr. Tripathi


This article presents the proposed novel design for hierarchical asynchronous optical code-division multiple-access scheme; performance was investigated for numerous key parameters. With single active user, the RZ_ON_OFF ramp OCDMA scheme performance is better than other schemes over shorter reach; NRZ_OCDMA scheme is better for longer reach, depicted BER is in the range of 10-100 to 10-42 with three users and 10-28 to 10-12 with 32 active users over the randomly selected transmission reach of 100 and 260 km respectively. It also inferred that transmission performance is dependent on the number of active users, transmission distance and amplifier saturation power; modulation schemes improved with high booster power, with FEC-RS (255, 239) lowest BER (10-122), Psat value of 28 dBm, low chirp and attenuation factor. Eventually, it is deduced that NRZ_OCDMA scheme be one of the efficient optical communication schemes for metro area networks altogether with high degree of security having efficient codes involved for encoding and decoding. It is also presumed that once OCDMA completely grows-up, it will be an inseparable part of modern optical communication heterogeneous networks.


Keywords: Spectral direct decoding (SDD), incoherent CDMA (ICDMA), one-coincidence frequency hop code (OCFHC), relative intensity noise (RIN), spectral phase encoding (SPE)


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Tripathi Devendra Kr. Evaluations with RZ/NRZ Optical-CDMA Link. Trends in Opto-Electro and Optical Communications. 2017; 7(2): 12–40p.


Spectral direct decoding (SDD), incoherent CDMA (ICDMA), one-coincidence frequency hop code (OCFHC), Relative intensity noise (RIN), spectral phase encoding (SPE

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