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Effect of Notching on the Return loss of T-shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication System

Priyanka Soni, D.C. Dhubkarya


With the loading of a pair of notches, a T-shaped slot and a pair of rectangular slots, novel bandwidth enhancement of microstrip antenna is demonstrated. The design is fed through a single coaxial probe. The proposed antenna is a modification of a simple T-shaped antenna which provides good radiating characteristics with enhanced bandwidth. The proposed antenna covers the S band and is used for many wireless applications. The proposed antenna is designed to cover a wide band of frequency spectrum. The antenna is designed on a ground plane of 38.41×46.83 and a patch of 28.81×37.23. The designed antenna achieves a simulated bandwidth of 57.02 below -10 dB level. The proposed antenna is simple to design with simple structure and with low fabrication cost. Details of the antenna design and experimental results are presented and discussed.


Keywords: Microstrip patch antenna, line feeding, S Band, mobile communications


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