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Levels of Environmental Pollutants and Urinary 1-Hydroxypyrene among Foundry Workers

V. Dhananjayan, B. Ravichandran, R. Nithya, M. Palanivel, K. Kalaiselvi


Environmental and biological monitoring was conducted to measure the Total Suspended Particulate Matter (TSPM), SO2, NOx and 1-OHP among foundry workers. Among the various sampling locations melting (2466 μg/m3) and fettling (2951 μg/m3) recorded higher concentration of TSPM. The concentration of NOx and SO2 ranged between 288– 352 μg/m3 and 3.11-10.97μg/m3, respectively. Among the various heavy metals analysed, the concentration of zinc and nickel was the maximum. Although the environmental monitoring study shows rarely higher values, many of the sampling was less than the recommended limits. Biological monitoring was conducted to measure the urinary 1- Hydroxypyrene and know the exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon especially pyrene. The concentration of 1-OHP ranged from 0.01 to 0.21 μg/ml of urine. The results obtained in the foundries showed that the workers are exposed to particulate matter and other pollutants including polycyclic aromatic compounds. This study highlights the risk factor and other occupational related health issues and possibilities of health risk in the long run.

Keywords: Foundry workers, heavy metals, urinary biomarkers, 1-Hydroxypyrene


Foundry workers, Heavy metals, Urinary biomarkers, 1- Hydroxypyrene,

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