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Spinal Cord Compression Revealing a Spinal Osteochondroma

Z. Ennhaili, M. Dianka, K. Ibahiouine, A. Lakhdar, M. El Karkouri, A. El Azhari


Osteochondroma is a frequent cartilaginous tumor in adult, but the spinal localization is uncommon. They can be solitary or multiple (enchondromatosis) in the context of familial disease (MAFFUCCI syndrome). We report the case of a 27-years-old patient, hospitalized for progressive paraplegia. Medical imaging evokes the ostéochondroma diagnosis of the 5th dorsal vertebra. The histopathological findings confirmed the diagnosis. The patient was spectacularly recovered after surgery.



Keywords: Benign bone tumor, osteochondroma, spine, spinal cord compression

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Ennhaili Z, Dianka M, Ibahiouine K et al. Spinal Cord Compression Revealing A Spinal Osteochondroma. Research and Reviews: Journal of Neuroscience. 2017; 7(2): 13–15p.


Benign bone tumor, osteochondroma, spine, spinal cord compression.

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