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Integrated Proprioceptive Screening Scale and Testing of Its Reliability and Validity

Debnath Upanita, Narkeesh Arumugam, Raghuveer Raghumahanti, Harman D Kaur


Proprioception is defined as the sense which indicates whether the body is moving with required effort and also where the different parts of the body are located in relation to one another. Proprioception testing involves a combination of testing methods like kinaesthesia, joint position sense and sense of force testing. There are different scales available for assessing proprioception like Fugl-Meyer assessment sensory subscale, Nottingham sensory assessment scale and integrated proprioception screening scale (IPSS). The proposed study was done on the subjects with age more than 60 years and tester, retester and inter-tester reliability and validity was measured.



Angular error, distance error, proprioception score, integrated scale, reliability, validity.

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