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Antimicrobial Activity of Partially Purified Extract of Streptomyces Sp. on MRSA

Samant S. A., Marathe N., Deshpande N.


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a major cause of increasingly prevalent, difficult and expensive-to-treat nosocomial as well as community-acquired infections worldwide. Accurate and rapid detection of MRSA in a clinical laboratory is of utmost importance to avoid treatment failure as these strains are multidrug resistant and there are limited options to treat these infections. Hence, exploring newer antibacterial substances is the need of the hour. In this study, phenotypically and genotypically confirmed clinical isolates of MRSA were subjected to test for antibacterial activity of partially purified extract obtained from Streptomyces sp. This study reveals that the extract under study has remarkable anti-MRSA activity and it can be one of the candidates for the fight against MRSA.

Keywords: MRSA, PCR, Streptomyces sp., CDD test, MDR



MRSA, PCR, Streptomyces spp., CDD test, MDR

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