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Assessment of hygienic practice on complementary food among mothers with 6-24 months age living young children in Mohoni town, north estern, Ethiopia, 2015.

Gebre Yitayih


Background: Timely introduction of appropriate Complementary foods promotes good nutritional status and growth in infants and young children. Inadequate sanitary conditions and
 poor hygiene practices play major roles in the increased burden of communicable disease within developing countries. Inadequate food hygiene is considered to be one of the major contributor’s todiarrhea.
Objective: The objective of this study was to assess awareness and hygienic practices on complementary food among mothers with 6-24 months children in Mohoni town north eastern Ethiopia.
Methodology: A community based cross sectional study was conducted in Mohoni town on north estern part of Ethiopia, on awareness and hygienic practice among mothers with 6-24 months age living young children on complementary food from 5 March to June 14 2015 on 198 study participants by using simple random sampling technique. Data was collected through structured questionnaire and was entered through EPI version and then was analyzed by SPSS version 16.
Result :Out of the total 198 study subjects planned, 198 study subjects were interviewed giving a response rate of 100%. The mean age of the respondents (mothers) were 23.9 year with standard deviation of 4.85 and the mean age of the children were 13.2 month with standard deviation of 5.36. The majority 158(79.9%) of respondents were orthodox followers. Out of 198 children whose age group 6-24 months ,174(87.9%) children were started complementary food.
Conclusion and Recommendations:

The finding of the study showed that mothers had moderate knowledge towards awareness and hygienic practice on complementary food. To Mohoni health beauro and Mohoni health extension workers : it is better to provide health education for mothers for further awareness on hygienic practice while preparing complementary

Keywords: hygine; complomenatry food, Mohoni

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