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Production of Single-domain Antibodies Library by Phage Display Technology

Ajit Singh, Neelam Pandey, Pooja Jangra, Jagveer Rawat


Single-domain antibodies (dAbs) are synthesized from variable domain gene-segments of atypical camelid or shark “heavy chain antibodies” (HCAbs) by phage display technology. We have constructed a phage display library of > 5 × 107 dAb clones derived from HCAb genes in B lymphocyte repertoire of a lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-immunized Indian desert camel and isolated dAb-phage clones by panning of the library against LPS and Staphylococcus aureus exotoxins. Nucleotide and deduced amino-acid sequence of the dAbs had key features of camelid HCAb variable domain. Soluble dAbs were of ~16 kDa size, thermostable, Ag-specific and toxin-neutralizing in vitro. Their therapeutic and diagnostic potential is being explored.


Single-domain antibodies, library, phage display

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