A Note on General Bioremediation Technologies

K.A. Vinay, Saranya D


The global environmental condition is under huge stress. The reason could be urbanization
and industrialisation and the ever increasing population and its pressure on the natural
resources. The environmental pollution control has become the most challenging task to deal
with. There are many ways through which pollution can be controlled. One such efficient tool
is the bioremediation. The usage of certain microorganisms to degrade or reduce the
pollutants like heavy metals or hazardous wastes at a polluted site is known as
bioremediation. Expeditious urbanization and highly intensive farming and other human
activities are the main cause for the land degradation and other pollution problems. The
review reveals that the toxic pollutants are being released into the environment every day,
hence it is emerging as an effective and attractive tool to treat and recover the environment.
Keywords: Microorganisms, in situ and ex situ remediation, phytoremediation
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Vinay KA, Saranya D. A Note on
General Bioremediation Technologies.
Research & Reviews: A Journal of
Biotechnology. 2017; 7(2): 4–6p.

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