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Automatic Switch cum Fuse IC for Low Voltage, Low Power, High Performance Current Conveyors

Ashutosh Tripathi


The paper focuses on the analysis of switch cum fuse IC in signal processing. In signal processing it is proposed to prevent the damage of main IC from the external electrical fluctuations which are common in -these days. The proposed FUSE IC is also able to act as fuse for many times for main IC so that it can prevent the damage. It’s like the work of MCB but a step ahead that we don’t need to set back the switch in ON position again as like the MCB. It work as a array of multiple fuse which are so arranged that as one fuse goes off automatically another comes in the action and hence the power supply to main IC remains uninterrupted and the main IC remain after all the electrical fluctuations. In current conveyors are capable of operating at supply of & 1.0 V with rail-to-rail input and output voltage swings.  Structure operates as linear circuit element and has a bandwidth of 60 MHz for 1.2 pm CMOS technology.


Signal Processing, MAIN IC, control signal, FUSE IC, Fuse Gate

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