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Simulation Study of Tapered Shape FinFET

G. Musalgaonkar, A. Shrivastava, S. Singh, A. Acharya


During recent years, nonplaner tri-gate (TG) field-effect transistors (FETs) such as FinFETs have been extensively studied for the enhancement of electrostatic control and suppression of short-channel effects (SCEs) in the sub50 nm regime. As the device scaled, it is observed that the shape of the rectangular FinFET becomes tapered shape. This paper presents the design and analysis of a tapered-shaped FinFET. By varying the sidewall inclination angle of a rectangular FinFET, a tapered shape FinFET has been obtained. This structure has been studied by taking different inclination angles. Various parameters such as drain current, conduction band energy, and ION/IOFF has been calculated. It is observed that the tapered shape FinFET gives better performance and reduced corner effect as compared to the rectangular FinFET.


Keywords: rectangular FinFET, tapered shape FinFET, corner effects, drain current, conduction band energy

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Musalgaonkar G, Shrivastava A, Singh S et al. Simulation Study of Tapered Shape FinFET. Journal of VLSI Design Tools and Technology. 2016; 6(1):     21–31p.


FinFET, Corner effect, low power

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