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Switched Capacitor Based RC Filter

Jinal A. Prajapati, Prof. Mehul L. Patel


Today we know that demand for Low voltage, low power integrated circuits are used  to the growing the portable equipment in all market including telecommunication, computers and customer electronics with smaller size. The low voltage need for ICs is also motivated by the new dip submicron CMOS technology scaling that required all transistors of smaller size. In current years, a lot of researches were done on designing switched capacitor filters for low supply voltage. The primary reason is that SC filters achieve high filter accuracy with low deformation.SC filters that can operate with a single 1-V supply in standard CMOS Process have been designed using the switched Op- Amp technique without any clock voltage multiplier or low threshold voltage. Advance, the execution of passive building blocks like resistors, inductors, etc. on layout by implementing SC network. Latest advances in monolithic SC filters have significant impact on voice band communication systems where they found wide acceptance because of their low cost and high precision.

Keywords– SC (Switched Capacitor), Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS), Operational amplifier , Dummy Switch, Low pass filter

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