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Comparative Analysis of Class-AB Voltage Follower using DTMOS Transistor

Nishtha K. Patel, Nilesh D. Patel


This paper describes a topology of voltage follower Class-AB Voltage Follower like Translinear voltage follower using MOS and DTMOS Transistor. The circuits are simulated in 90 nm technology. The results are used to compare the performance of the above voltage followers. All analysis was supported by the simulation results. The analysis are made in terms of gain, bandwidth and transient response using ELDO spice, IC station and Design architect of mentor graphics. The simulation results show, that the delay of 181.016 ps and 24.032 ps was achieved with the power dissipation of 0.20 mW and 0.050 mW in translinear voltage follower using DTMOS and MOS Transistor respectively. By using DTMOS instead of MOS transistor threshold voltage is decreased and current driving capability is increased.



Keywords: CMOS, MOSFET, Power Dissipation, Voltage Follower, Buffer, Translinear Voltage Follower, Dynamic Threshold MOS

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Nishtha K. Patel, Nilesh D. Patel, Comparative Analysis of Class-AB Voltage Follower using DTMOS Transistor, Journal of VLSI Design Tools and Technology (JoVDTT). 2015; 5(2): 64–70p.

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