Journal of Remote Sensing & GIS, Vol 2, No 1 (2011)

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Spatio-Temporal Analyses for Ahad Watershed Management in Rajasthan State, India: Applications of Geoinformatics

Prakash Mantry, Prahlad Rai Vyas


Ahad watershed, covering Udaipur, of Rajasthan divides the drainage systems of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. City Udaipur has remained in focus due to its strategic location, natural beauty, history for valor and chivalry; and hence a worldwide tourist hub. But due to population sprawl, industrialization, influx of tourists, mining etc.; the area is reeling under environmental stress.


Altitude varies 1090 to 470m from west to east. Almost 60% watershed area is under activities other than agriculture. Forests constitute only 8.8%. Ground water quality is deteriorating in lower reach.


To assess sequential assessment of the land, satellites images of different spectral, spatial and temporal resolutions are studied in GIS environ in conjunction with secondary data; and remedial measures are suggested for development of area.


Keywords: Ahad Watershed, Applications, GIS, non-spatial, Remote Sensing, spatial, Udaipur

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