Journal of Remote Sensing & GIS, Vol 4, No 1 (2013)

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DEM Processing Methods

Sowmya Thyagarajan


Digital elevation model (DEM) is used generically to mean the digital cartographic representation of the earth in any form, rectangular grids or lattices, triangular networks or irregular spot heights, and breaklines. This paper aims to present a review of recent techniques used in satellite image processing, especially with focus on DEM processing. The reviewed approaches are classified according to the various techniques used in  processing  DEM, various filters  used in denoising and despeckling of DEM images have been described in this paper. This review does not contemplate to go into details of particular algorithms or describe results of comparative experiments; rather a summary of more approaches and  interesting parts are presented in this paper. The major goal of the paper is to provide a comprehensive reference source for the researchers involved in processing of DEM.

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