Journal of Remote Sensing & GIS, Vol 2, No 2 (2011)

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Classification and Prediction of Weather Forecasting Dataset by using Artificial Neural Network

Sanjay Devchand Sawaitul, Kishor p Wagh, Dr. Prashant N Chatur


In the growing field of technology, wireless medium is playing a very important role. In this survey paper, different models which were used in the past for weather forecasting are discussed. In today’s Internet Technology, one of the most interesting model for accessing of various features. It shows how different models are important for different purposes. As it can be seen the development in Computing Techniques, Artificial Intelligence and Internet, the detected weather i.e. temperature, humidity, wind, rainfall etc. can be showed as an image. In the past, there was a model developed using Artificial Neural Network which was used in order to classify and predict the thunderstorm. In the past, the models which were used, some are based on image processing, some on content based or soft computing technique. Most of the models take input as images retrieved and based on those images, it predicts the future weather. This paper is focusing on two parts as the weather forecasting models which were used in the past and another part includes the information about the wireless kit used for the weather forecasting process.


Keywords: Internet Technology, Computing Techniques, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Network, Weather Forecasting Process

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