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Design and Structural Analysis of Ground Electronic Package

Rajan Chavda, Sarang Pande, Anurag Verma


Electronic packaging (EP) is widely used for support and enclosure or housing of electronic component. This paper includes design of EP and comparisons of analytic and static structural analysis for deformation of EP. Design of EP is carried by commercial software PTC Creo Parametric 2.0. It consists of five main parts and some other additional parts and to run the analysis. The design includes mounting of electronic circuits; improving testing capability and reliability, a way for heat dissipation and reducing manufacturing cost and time. Finite element analysis (FEA) of EP has been carried out using ANSYS workbench 15.0 software. Two types of latches (Product of Southco Company Ltd.) are used in EP for easy movement of tray (EP) in cage. Mechanisms of latch are push to open and push to close. These mechanisms are used for easy visual inspection on solder side and component side. E4 latch and A4 latch are respectively plastic latch and metal latch. Force is required for latching and due to this force, package is deformed. Fixed supports that have been considered at the different faces, where bolts have been attached and loading conditions have carried by latch force. Comparison of free body analysis and software simulation has been carried out.


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Rajan Chavda, Sarang Pande, Anurag Verma. Design and Structural Analysis of Ground Electronic Package. Journal of Production Research and Management. 2017; 7(2): 8–16p.


Electronic packaging, static structural analysis, latch mechanism, packaging design, modular packaging

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