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Leadership Skills Training: A Catalyst for Organizational Development

Gagandeep Soni, Poonam Anand


Leadership is all about paving a way for team members, guiding and leading them effectively towards successful attainment of goals. A leader plays a vital role in shaping the future of the organization and impacts the overall success of the enterprise. With the changing conditions of the precarious market, growing globalization, technological advancements, the role of a leader cannot be restricted to the boundaries of the organization. Shifts in business trends call in for development of new skills as well as changes in acquired skills of the leaders. The modern leader should be a comprehensive package of immense confidence and inspiration, thus engaging the team and assisting them in achieving the endeavours. The lack of an excellent leader is one of the greatest impediments to the growth of an organization. Innovative, interesting and effective leadership skills training program is the primary requisite for the evolution of a dynamic leader. Organizations must invest in augmentative and invigorating training programs aimed at unleashing the unknown potential of prospective leaders so as to bring about transformational changes, thus accelerating the progress of the organization. A persistent and organized method of developing future leaders can be seeked in a comprehensive training program. Training program should aim at enhancing core proficiencies in order to embed the skill of concieving innovative ideas and transforming them into actions for achievement of organizational success. Thus the success mantra of an organization lies in the hands of their leaders who exceed the levels of expertise through exposure to extensive and pioneering customized training programs.

Keywords: Dynamic leader, invigorating training program, innovative ideas, success mantra


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Gagandeep Soni, Poonam Anand. Leadership Skills Training: A Catalyst for Organizational Development. Journal of Production Research & Management. 2015; 5(1): 1–7p.


Dynamic leader, invigorating training program, innovative ideas, success mantra

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