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Exploring Good Relationship Between Librarian and Library Users by New Trends

Shaweta Sharma


Library is a centralized point of social and professional front of education system. Librarian is a person who connects users to the library and provides all information related to all fields. It is most important to explore good relationship between librarian and users. It is not an easy job to deal with different types of personality and satisfy all the users. This is a very challenging task in librarian’s professional life. In this paper we will discuss and explore how to maintain this relationship between librarian and users of library for long term. When I was doing research on this topic I felt that librarian is a person who does a great job and gives valuable time to users. This is very amazing thought and job to provide education related material to users to fulfill their dreams.

Keywords: Relationship, librarian, education, explore


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Shaweta Sharma. Exploring Good Relationship between Librarian and Library Users by New Trends. Journal of Production Research & Management. 2015; 5(1): 14–17p.


Relationship, librarian, education, explore

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