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Implementation of Spectrum Analyser Using LabVIEW

N. Dinesh Kumar, Bhanusree Pola


Process industries prefer instruments that are highly efficient and also which reduces the downtime. In order to improve the efficiency of the instrument the disturbances that effect the instrument must be known. Mostly the efficiency of the instrument is effected by the vibration of the instrument, which is caused due to the imperfections in design, manufacturing,   installation, assembly, operation and maintenance of the instrument and many other flaws. In this paper we are introducing an instrument called spectrum analyzer that is capable of measuring these vibrations accurately and monitoring them continuously. Traditional systems have the drawback of complicated information development due to the blend of hardware and software that exists in plants. So to overcome this disadvantage, Virtual instrument software can be used for simulation, and with appropriate interfacing, it can also be applied to data acquisition and control. This paper discusses the measurement and vibration analysis of a system by incorporating LabVIEW into existing system.

 Keywords: FFT, GPIB, LabVIEW, spectrum analyzer, virtual instrumentation

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N Dinesh Kumar, Bhanusree Pola. Implementation of Spectrum Analyser using LABVIEW. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2015; 6(2): 25–30p.


FFT, GPIB, LabVIEW, spectrum analyzer, virtual instrumentation

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