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An Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for FiWi Access Network

Raksha Upadhyay, Uma Rathore Bhatt


Fiber wireless access network is a promising access network due to provision of higher bandwidth, flexibility and ubiquity. One of the main challenges for a FiWi access network is to minimize energy consumption. In this network, there are many concerns like ONU placement, ONU sleep mechanisms, power saving mechanisms etc., which are accountable for achieving energy efficiency. Routing is another aspect at the front end of the network, which may contribute to bring energy efficiency. There are multiple paths from source to destination at front end; therefore selection of appropriate and energy efficient path is indispensable. This paper proposes an integrated routing algorithm, which finds the routes on the basis of distance and angle, for a single source destination pair. The route which consumes lesser energy is selected for communication. Results show that energy consumption is reduced using proposed algorithm as compared to existing approaches, while maintaining limited delay.

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Raksha Upadhyay, Uma Rathore Bhatt. An Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for FiWi Access Network. Journal of Communication Engineering & Systems. 2017; 7(2): 1–13p.


FiWi access network, PON, WLAN, front end, ONU, energy efficiency, routing, path discovery, multi-hop, delay

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