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Bending Analysis of Sandwich Beams According to Refined Trigonometric Beam Theory

YM Ghugal, GU Shikhare


An equivalent single layer trigonometric shear deformation theory is presented for flexure of sandwich beams. The axial displacement field uses trigonometric function in terms of thickness coordinate to include the effect of transverse shear deformation. The transverse displacement is assumed to be a function of longitudinal direction. Normal and shear strains corresponding to assumed displacement field of the present theory are obtained within the framework of linear theory of elasticity. Governing equations and boundary conditions are obtained by utilizing the principle of virtual work. To demonstrate the validity of present theory it is applied to the bending analysis sandwich beams. The results obtained by using present theory are compared with those of other refined theories and exact solutions available.


Keywords: Bending, shear deformation, shear correction factor, shear stress, trigonometric, sandwich, transverse normal stress, equivalent single layer theory

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YM Ghugal, GU Shikhare. Bending Analysis of Sandwich Beams According to Refined Trigonometric Beam Theory. Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Technology (JoAET). 2015; 5(3):        27–37p.


bending; shear deformation; shear correction factor; shear stress; trigonometric; sandwich; transverse normal stress; equivalent single layer theory.

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